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Happy Diet Days!

Aka 'My Passionate Love Affair With My Body'

Love yourself. Love your body. Eat healthy!
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This is a place for the folks that love themselves, love their bodies and want to have a good relationship between the two. This is NOT a place for people who have eating disorders, nor is it a place for people who think they're ugly (you're not) fat (so what?) worthless (... pfht) etc.
This IS a place for those who eat healthy. That means no beating yourself up for slipping from your diet. No eating less than 1500 calories a day. No extreme fruit/meat/veggies/tender juicy baby steaks/beans/booze only diets. NO STARVATION ALLOWED. If Ally McBeal's your ideal, please go elsewhere.
Whilst all shapes and sizes are more than welcome, if you're only looking to lose 1-10 pounds this ain't the place for you either.
Also, posts about your day that have nothing to do with eating healthy and/or dieting aren't welcome here. Neither's posts about how you have x item of clothes for sale. The former belongs in your own journal, the latter ought to go in one of the countless of other communities specifically made for such.
Or, to put it all into a single phrase: 'It's sort of like a fat appreciation community for the slowly slimming down.'